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Wash & Dry Drop Off Laundry Service near Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Caldwell, and Boise State University

Too busy for laundry? Drop off your laundry at Scrubby's Laundry Center. Wash and fold service available Monday-Sunday 8:00am-9:30pm.

Our friendly attendants will wash, dry, and neatly fold your laundry for you. Our fluff and fold laundry service near Boise is $1.75 lb. for next day. Same day and rush services available for an additional cost. Same day service wash and dry laundry needs to be dropped off by noon. There is a 10 lb. minimum order for all wash/dry combo orders. Customers can choose to have their laundry washed in Tide, Free & Clear, or spot treated.

Please let us know if you have an area that needs spot treatment. Each order received is always washed separately from other orders.  We take our time and separate whites from colors, etc. to make sure we give your items the best laundering possible. We are happy to hang items for free if you provide the hangers. Otherwise, we charge $0.20 per hanger.


Wash &
Per Pound

**10 lb. Minimum Order

Individually Priced Items

  • Comforter (Queen/King)* $19.75
  • Comforter (Twin/Full)* $15.00
  • Feather Bed $45.00
  • Sleeping Bag $22.00
  • Pet Bed (Small) $15.00
  • Pet Bed (Large) $19.75
  • Pillow $10.00
  • Mattress Pad $19.75
  • Throw/Blanket $14.50
  • Rugs $1.00 / sqft
  • Cushion $15.00
  • Tablecloth $2.50lb

*For down or oversized comforters, we charge an additional $5.00 fee for the extra material


  • Shirt $3.00
  • Pants $5.00
  • Shorts $3.50
  • Skirt $5.00
  • Dress $7.50
  • Pillow Cases (pair) $3.00
  • Napkins (ea.) $0.50
  • Tablecloth $3.00lb

**For a complete list of ironing prices, please see in store.

Iron Only add $0.50 per garment